STANDOUT agencies say “we already understand your business”.

STANDSTILL agencies say “we really try and understand your business”.

STANDOUT agencies say “we already understand your business”.

Agencies often claim to take the time to really understand their clients. Implying that others don’t. Suggesting that developing a thorough understanding of the client they are going to work with is somehow above and beyond the call of duty.

It’s not.

Clients expect their agencies to understand their business and the sector in which they operate. It’s a hygiene factor, not a USP.

The advantage here is not driven by attitude, its driven by experience. If you work with particular types of clients, you already have a deep understanding of their problems, the terminology they use, how they like to work, how they interact with their customers, the state of their market etc. You’ve done it before, you’ve seen the patterns, you know what works and what doesn’t. You’re not just one step ahead of your competition, you’re a step ahead of your clients.

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