STANDOUT agency owners reflect on their weaknesses as much as they do their strengths.

When you own a small agency (<£1M), your business performance is a reflection of your own performance. As an owner-manager you have a huge influence over how your agency operates. It’s strengths are a result of your strengths. It’s weaknesses are often a reflection of your weakness or lack of focus. We’re all naturally better at some things than others. The key to growing a great business is maximising the strengths whilst minimising or improving the weaknesses. The first step to doing this is self-awareness. STANDOUT agency owners ask themselves: Where do I excel and what do I find more difficult? If you’re an outgoing person who easily makes connections and forms relationships, chances are your agency new business pipeline is healthy. If you find it difficult to keep track of your personal finances and have a draw full of unpaid bills at home, your agency finances are probably in a bit of a mess (or you don’t know whether they are or not!) Not being good at something is, of course, not always because you can’t. It’s more likely because you just don’t like doing it, or your personality type leads you to avoid it. Once you’re identified and acknowledged what your issues are, you can start to do something about them to improve your business (and improve your life too!) Developing better processes, employing people to support, or finding a complementary business partner, are all ways of compensating for your weaknesses. They help you play to your strengths and enjoy your work more too. #StandoutOrDie #StandoutSecrets