STANDOUT agencies are always learning

Takeout #1 from this month’s Agencynomics Big Event:

STANDSTILL agencies are always earning
STANDOUT agencies are always learning

Over 250 agency owners took time out from running their businesses to attend our Web 3.0 event in London on Tuesday.

All of them had plenty of other things to do, but they all took the opportunity to learn more about the changes that are coming. STANDOUT agency leaders invest in themselves, as well as their business.

Some people I spoke to on the day were already working in Web 3.0, others were not even sure of the basic concepts before the event. Everybody recognised that this area is developing rapidly and nobody has all the answers at the moment. We all learnt something on the day, some of us learnt an incredible amount.

STANDOUT agencies need to be knowledgeable about developing technology and ready to guide and advise their clients in new platforms and comms channels. Even if they themselves are not planning to new offer services (yet).

Are you ready for Web 3.0?

If you aren’t, or didn’t attend our event, you may be interested in our Agency Mastermind programme. Link in the comments…

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