STANDOUT agencies learn by doing

Takeout #2 from this month’s Agencynomics Big Event:

It’s all speculation…and not just in crypto.

If you think Web 3.0 is all about speculating in risky crypto currencies, then I’m afraid you’re wrong.

Crypto currency is just a part of the Web 3.0 story. A small, but vital, part.
There is as much speculation about what part Web 3.0 will play in our futures as there is in crypto itself. This will continue for some years yet before the picture becomes clear.

What is clear though is that if you want to become a STANDOUT agency then you must embrace new technology and the principles behind it. Often the best way to do this to learn by doing. To be an early adopter.

I’ve been a holder of a small amount of crypto for some time (it’s a LOT smaller now than when I originally bought it). But whilst I might have suffered a financial loss, I’ve gained a significant amount of knowledge and experience.

This is clearly not financial advice, but if you want to start to understand Web 3.0 you could do worse than dip your toe into crypto currency. Investing even a small amount of money gives you first hand experience of wallets, contracts and how currencies are traded. Valuable insight into how things work now, and the future possibilities.

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