STANDOUT agencies Pull

STANDSTILL agencies Push. STANDOUT agencies Pull.

in the early days of running your agency, you need to push yourself out there if you want to win business. Jump on the phone, talk to lots of people, work with lots of different businesses, maybe even do some paid ads. Survival is the goal and hustling is the game.

There is a point where all this becomes draining though. Unless you have something – truly – unique about you (highly unlikely), pushing your agency to the head of the queue rarely secures you quality clients or people.

To become a STANDOUT agency your goal must be to attract. To draw people – clients and staff – to you. You need pulling power.

Why? Because there are so many options out there. People can see all the agencies they can choose from. Finding an agency isn’t hard. The difficulty is finding an agency that is right for you. An agency offering the skills you are looking for. An agency you can trust with your business (or career).

Pulling power is cheaper and more sustainable in the long term, but it’s hard work. It demands that you are well positioned. It dictates that you have a strong proposition. It means you have to communicate with the market (a lot). In short, to be a STANDOUT agency with pulling power you need to do the hard yards and play the long game.

Don’t try and push to the head of the queue. Try to get a queue forming to speak to you.

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