STANDOUT agencies balance the 3 culture traits

Culture is vital to the success of agencies, but it goes way deeper than having a set of values and counting how many perks you give your team. Your culture is already ingrained in your firm and it influences everything you do (whether you like it or not).

Most agencies display one of 3 types of cultures:

1. SALES DRIVEN agencies are obsessed with winning new clients. They live for the thrill of the chase. They’re driven by hitting their numbers.

2. OUTPUT DRIVEN agencies are obsessed with their end product. Creative or code, SEO or Social, these agencies want to do the best work possible. They’re driven not by their clients, but by their own pride and satisfaction.

3. ACCOUNT DRIVEN agencies are obsessed with their clients. Keeping them happy and receiving praise and good feedback is what motivates them. They’re driven by forming and keeping relationships.

Here’s the problem…

SALES DRIVEN agencies tend to lose clients, so they get stuck in the rollercoaster of wins and losses. OUTPUT DRIVEN agencies put too much of their soul into their work and struggle to make profits. ACCOUNT DRIVEN agencies find it hard to grow and tend to have dominant clients (making them hard to sell).

STANDOUT agencies will always gravitate to one of the three cultures, but they do something STANDSTILL agencies don’t. They work hard to include the positive aspects of the other two cultures into their dominant trait. Sales driven agencies become as obsessed with their output as they are with hitting their targets. They try and keep clients as hard as they try to win them.

What is the dominant culture in your agency?

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