STANDOUT agencies focus on outcomes

STANDSTILL agencies focus on OUTPUTS

STANDOUT agencies focus on OUTCOMES

Clients don’t really care about what you do for them. The care about what difference you make to their business.

Does what you do for your clients really have an impact? Does it make their business better, more efficient, or more profitable? Does your work positively influence your clients’ customers in a way that they can measure? Could their business survive and/or thrive without you?

STANDSTILL agencies focus on what they produce. The great looking websites they build, how many likes their social posts achieved, how clean and fresh the new logo they designed looks. All these things are important, but they’re just outputs. A means to an end.

STANDOUT agencies focus on what matters more to clients: outcomes. How has their work made a material difference to their clients? Can they see their work reflected in the financial performance of their client?

Outputs make you a supplier. Outcomes make you a part of your clients business.

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