STANDSTILL agencies try to be DIFFERENT

STANDOUT agencies try to be RELEVANT

So many agencies say ”We’re not like all those other agencies…we’re different” (in some sort of way).

Why is this?

What they’re doing is fear-based marketing. They’re trying to appeal to clients who have had bad experiences with agencies. Clients who are thinking:

– Our last agency was a disaster, how do we avoid that happening again?
– There are so many agencies out there…how can we possibly be sure we’re making the right choice?
– Agencies are expensive, how can we find one that is good value for us?
– We’re not really sure what we want/need, how can we know which agency to trust?

STANDOUT agencies don’t play on people’s insecurities, they want them to see opportunities.

The best agencies aren’t concerned with being different, they try to be relevant. STANDOUT agencies aren’t the biggest or the cheapest or the ones who promise to “not be like those other guys”.

They’re the agencies who have relevant experience in the client sector. Their services are most suited to the clients needs. They can showcase relevant – and current – case studies.

Relevance stands at the intersection of your positioning (who you work for and what you do) and your proposition (how you make a difference to your clients’ business). Fear and insecurity doesn’t have a place there.

Are you marketing your agency on being different from others, or the most relevant to your clients’ needs?

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