STANDOUT agencies are CATS

STANDSTILL agencies are DOGS

STANDOUT agencies are CATS

Competition for agency new business is fierce. Most agencies don’t have a great lead flow, so when a potential new client shows an interest, they quickly get very excited.

But that’s exactly what they shouldn’t be doing…

However big a name they are, when they first get in touch all potential clients are just leads (plain and simple). All leads need converting, but before that they need qualifying.

STANDSTILL agencies react every new lead like excitable puppies. They bounce around, hanging on every word, and jumping at everything that’s thrown at them. They don’t judge people (they don’t qualify the opportunity).

STANDOUT agencies react like calm felines. They show they’re interested and flattered, but step back to decide whether THEY want to play ball. Is this lead somebody they can help? Are they going to be rewarded for their efforts? Can the lead be trusted (are there any red flags)?

Once they’ve qualified the lead and decided it’s a good opportunity, that’s when STANDOUT agencies start to try and convert. Often this stage can be helped by bags of enthusiasm, boundless energy and a lot of personality (engage “dog mode”!)

Remember: Dogs are OK with being pulled around on leads. Cats prefer the freedom to choose.

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