STANDOUT agency owners avoid the pitfalls of the 6 core roles.

Agency founders frequently talk to me about the challenges of having to wear “many hats”.

It’s true that running an agency means you often have to juggle many different roles in the same day (or even the same meeting!)

Below are what I call my core 6 roles for agency leaders:

1. The Salesperson – Convincing clients they need the work
2. The Producer – Doing the work
3. The Client Manager – Building trust with clients so they want more of the work
4. The Business Manager – Making sure you make money from the work
4. The People Manager – Managing people doing the work
5. The Leader – Leading people who are managing people doing the work

I have a number of “STANDSTILL pitfalls” that I associate with each role. It’s what gets agency owners stuck and stops them becoming STANDOUT.

Rather than write a long post, if there appears to be enough interest, I might take each one and outline the pitfalls over the coming days. Sort of like an Advent Calendar of agency mistakes 😉

If you’re thinking “I’m not sure this guy is the festive spirit yet, you may well be right”!

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