6 roles of agency owners – 1. The Salesperson

Gareth Healey agency coach describes the 6 roles of agency owners
1st in my list of the 6 core roles of an agency owner is: The Salesperson (Convincing people they need the work). So what are the STANDSTILL pitfalls that get people stuck here? Not everybody is a natural salesperson, but many agency owners don’t realise they must develop this skill (often before it’s too late). They start their agency on the back of being a busy freelancer, or with the promise of work from existing client connections. They focus on satisfying – not generating/converting – demand. But what happens when the demand runs dry? What happens when you need to go out and make things happen? If you’ve not learnt how to promote and sell what you do effectively, you’ll struggle to grow your business. Another pitfall is when the agency founder tries to delegate sales at the earliest opportunity. Sales is one of the last roles you should fully delegate. Too many times have I seen agency founders that can’t effectively sell themselves, try to recruit and train somebody to do it for them (and then wonder why it doesn’t work). Nobody will ever be able to sell/promote your agency better than you. It may take time before you can employ a person who can sell the work better than you. Selling remains a vastly underrated skill and hugely undervalued role of a service based business owner. #StandoutOrDie #StandoutSecrets #AgencyGrowth