6 roles of agency owners – 3. The Client Manager

3rd in my list of the 6 core roles of an agency owner is: The Client Manager (Keeping the work)

So what are the STANDSTILL pitfalls that get people stuck here?

We spend so much time trying to win new clients (to grow), its easy to neglect the most important and lucrative part of running an agency: client retention.

Keeping and developing client relationships is as important as new business, but I witness so many agencies scanning the horizon when they should be tending to problems in their own backyard.

I also see a change in attitude to client retention in some agencies. When my agency lost a client – which was rare, but it did happen – it felt like there had been a death in the family. Today I often see an attitude of disregard and “we didn’t like them anyway” type excuses.

To grow your agency you must step out of day to day client account management of course. But having a team you trust to do this well for you, and checking in with both your people and the clients themselves, should remain a core part of your weekly schedule. Don’t leave this as something you do when you have time, or rely on digital surveys to tell you clients are OK.

STANDOUT agency owners maintain a personal relationship with key clients at all times. After all, as a very wise man once told me, the people that own the agency are not those with the share certificates, they’re the ones with the client relationships.

Make sure you own both.

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