6 roles of agency owners – 5. The People Manager

5th in my list of the 6 core roles of an agency owner is: The People Manager (Managing people doing the work).

So what are the STANDSTILL pitfalls that get people stuck?

First and foremost there are some fundamentals here. You have to become comfortable with delegating. You must accept the fact that not everybody will do the work in the way that you do. Or in the way that you want it done. Mistakes will be made. Speed and quality might be issues you need to address.

One of the biggest issues agency owners need to get over is the feeling of losing control. Of not knowing what is happening in your business at every level at every minute of the day.

In addition to practical challenges, there is a bigger picture here. Managing people has always been a challenging job. In today’s connected but increasingly complex world, it’s harder than ever. In a service based business, effective people management is not just a challenge though. It’s the difference between success and failure.

The biggest pitfall I see trip up – some – agency owners is very simple: they see people management as a task. A necessary evil.

I can accept this attitude about the previous role I described (The Business Manager), but managing people is something you need to fully embrace if you – and they – are going to benefit from it.

Whilst people management has become harder, it’s no less rewarding. STANDOUT agency owners are good at people management because they WANT to do it (not because they feel have to).

If you don’t want to manage people, then you’re going to struggle to grow your agency. Yes it might be hard, but if you embrace it, it can be one of the most rewarding parts of running a business.

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