STANDOUT agencies focus.

STANDSTILL agencies think BIG

STANDOUT agencies think SMALL

One of the biggest obstacles to agency growth is thinking too big.

Wait….what? That sounds counter-intuitive right? It’s a real problem though.

Often the smaller the agency, the bigger their thinking. They think they can work with every type of client. They want to provide every service possible. They set their sights on working with the biggest brand names and opening offices across the world.

Now I’m the last person to try and stifle ambition. But the reality is that – if you want to grow – the smaller your agency is, the smaller your target market and offer needs to be.

STANDOUT agencies focus (especially in their early years). Once they are established, stable and proven, only then do they start to think about broadening their offer.

Does your agency need to contract in order to expand next year?

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