All agencies must collaborate – meetings remain the best vehicle to do this

There seems to be a lot of noise and negativity about meetings at the moment. Meetings seem to have become an activity to be frowned upon and, in some quarters, even ridiculed.

I’m proud to announce I’m still – unashamedly – in the pro-meeting camp.

Of course I see that we a blessed with ever more effective comms technology. I’m also aware of the rise of remote working (I ‘m a remote worker myself).

But I also know that STANDOUT agencies collaborate. And there is no better form of collaboration than getting around a table (either physical or virtual) with colleagues and clients.

Whilst I remain a supporter of the humble meeting, I’m dead against long, large, ineffective, and unnecessary gatherings. Here’s my tips for having effective meetings:

– Always have an agenda and a purpose
– Keep them short (time) and lean (people)
– Review the need for meetings regularly
– Refresh the timing, location and format periodically
– Allow people to opt out in advance (if they don’t believe they can add value)
– Consider meeting free days where everybody can focus on deep work

Have you cancelled all meetings in your agency? Do you disagree with me? Hit me with some reasons and why it works for you…

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