Employ people to take work away from you

STANDSTILL agency owners recruit people to do more work

STANDOUT agency owners recruit people to do their work

One of the biggest challenges you experience in growing an agency is managing your own transition from delivery to leadership.

Most agency owners are founders not managers. Managers often have less practical knowledge than the people that work for them. Founders on the other hand, have deep knowledge about all aspects of their business. They start off – and stay – a central figure in the agency.

As practitioners, most agency owners deliver the work when they first start out. As the workload grows they find it necessary, but extremely difficult, to delegate.

Recruiting and retaining people has many challenges, but STANDSTILL agency owners fall foul of one in particular. They recruit peoole to do other work; not take workload away from them.

As an agency founder you must step away from the day to day work by employing people to do it for you. If you don’t do this, you may find yourself stuck in delivery with people you employ around you waiting on, or even “managing”, you.

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