STANDOUT agency owners choose freedom now

STANDSTILL agency owners seek freedom in the future

STANDOUT agency owners seek freedom now

Most agency owners want to sell their business in the future. Nothing wrong in that. It’s a goal to work to and every year at Cactus we help agency founders achieve their ambition.

For most agency owners though, selling their business won’t happen. Only a small percentage are acquired each year, fewer still for life-changing amounts of money.

To be fair, whilst money is important, most agency owners don’t really focus on that. They talk to me about the freedom that selling their agency will bring them. For many it will be a chance to be in control of their lives more and, as they say, “do something else”. Or so they think.

I’m in the business of helping agencies grow and propelling them towards an exit (if that’s what they want). But if you’ll take some Wednesday Wisdom from me, make sure you don’t see freedom as delayed gratification.

Running a business is tough, but the real reason why we do it is not the money, it’s the fact that it gives us control. Or at least it should do. As a business owner we should have the freedom to work when we want, with who we want and how we want.

If you feel trapped in your agency and it’s consuming you, remember 2 things:

1. You are not alone (we all feel like that at times)

2. You have the power to make changes to your business to give yourself more personal freedom. Don’t wait for an exit that might never happen to do this. Make some changes today.

You own the business. You have the freedom to run it how you want. Choose freedom now, not in the future.

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