STANDOUT agencies keep it simple

Several times last week I was reminded that STANDOUT agencies keep it simple.

They say you can have too much of a good thing and that certainly applies to running an agency.

3 common examples:

1. Dashboards / Metrics – I love a good dashboard, I advise all my clients to have one. But I also advise them to keep them simple. If your dashboard is running on fancy software and measuring countless different data points, it may look great, but is it really effective? So many times I see dashboards that are too big, too complicated and, frankly, useless (as the information in them is incorrect).

2. OKRs / Objectives – Written company objectives are vital to achieving your annual goals, but they can also trip you up. Once you get the objective bug you can very quickly lose yourself in lists of actions. You then lose focus on what the real priorities are. Keep the number of objectives between 4 and 6 at all times.

3. Strategy – Defining and agreeing your agency strategy can be hard. Writing it down so that everybody understands and remains focused on it is crucial. Keep it simple though. If you can’t communicate it on a single page/slide, keep working on it until you can.

Can you think of any more examples of things that are incredibly useful in running an agency, but very quickly lose their effectiveness by growing out of control?

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