STANDOUT agencies track time

Time recording is a divisive subject in agencies. It has been for as long as I can remember. Nobody likes timesheets and nobody likes tracking their time. Many say it’s a waste of time in itself.

The subject of time recording has followed me around for most of my adult life. Many years ago, I managed the time recording system for a software company on my University placement. I then did my dissertation on the subject.

I’ve since enjoyed a 25 year career in the marketing agency sector where not a week has gone by where time recording hasn’t been on the agenda. I must be something of an expert by now.

With all that experience I think I have a right to express my view on the subject. It’s a simple one: STANDOUT agencies track and analyse time.

I don’t agree you should charge clients by the hour, but in an agency time is money. Track your time, know where it goes, know what works, know what’s wasted.

Next week it’s 1st February…there has never been a better time to start (or restart) tracking time!

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