Set expectations for people (otherwise they will set their own)

STANDSTILL agency owners expect people to “get it”

STANDOUT agency owners tell people what they expect

Managing people is one of the most important, frustrating and rewarding aspect of running an agency. Getting the most out of them is vital to your success

Whilst effective leadership is a delicate balancing act, remember people are not mind readers. If they’re not doing what you you want, when you want, and how you want, they don’t always know….unless you tell them.

I often hear agency owners bemoaning the fact that some of their team are not performing to the standards they expect. But I always ask whether those people know what their standards are?

If you don’t set your expectations, your people will set their own. If you don’t set standards of behaviours, delivery, time-keeping, client service etc etc, then. people will work to what they think is acceptable.

STANDOUT agency owners set their standards and ask people to achieve them.

Are you expecting your people to step up, or are you expecting them to read your mind?

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