STANDOUT agency owners have 1-2-1 meetings

Nobody reading this will want MORE internal meetings. Most of you will want less.

A client meeting this week reminded me of something important (they often do).

Throughout my 15 years running my agency I tried to have regular 1-2-1 meetings with my team. A half hour catchup with each of my direct reports was part of my weekly – yes weekly – routine (and their’s of course).

In a 175 person business (more than half of whom ultimately reported to me) it was vital to enable me to keep up with what was going on. It was important for another reason to though; to show I cared.

The agenda for those meetings was usually quite fluid but in essence it was me asking:

– What are you working on?
– What problems do you have?
– How are you feeling?
– What help do you need from me?

Sometimes the meetings were stressful, insightful and important. Other times things were OK. We cut them short. We agreed to “crack on”.

My point?

STANDOUT agency owners make 1-2-1 time for their people.

I got immense value from 1-2-1 meetings. In a world of remote working, I can’t imagine that their importance has lessened…more like trebled!

The benefits are a greater understanding of your business, connection to what is happening, employee happiness, coaching, employee retention….I could go on.

PS – If you’re running an agency that is only a dozen or so people, even if you have managers in place, I strongly suggest you schedule 1-2-1 time with you and ALL your team. Maybe weekly is not possible for some, but don’t leave it until appraisal time before you check in with your Junior Account Exec (they may not still be around!)

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