STANDOUT agencies train their people

I risk upsetting some people with this, but it’s a belief I’ve held for over 25 years so I can’t deny it.

As much as I love the marketing agency sector, I’ve always thought that, as an industry, we have a poor track record in training and developing our people.

On the one hand this is surprising; people are the lifeblood of agencies. On the other, not so much; our business model epitomises the phrase “time is money”.

Regardless of the whys and wherefores; investing in training your people is a vital step in becoming a STANDOUT agency. Two of the best agencies I work with demonstrate this perfectly.

Amongst other things, they run internal lunch and learn sessions for their teams once a week, EVERY week of the year. These sessions cover a variety of subjects but – importantly – they focus on upskilling their staff. Helping them master the basics and deliver better work on a day to day basis.

These agencies also invest in external training and input from 3rd party experts. Vital to bringing in new ideas and different perspectives.

Whilst they are very different agencies, it’s no surprise to me that they’re amongst the most profitable businesses I work with and have the lowest staff churn.

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