Somewhat narcissistically I asked Notion AI to write a review of my book STANDOUT OR DIE. This is what it said:

Gareth Healey’s book “Standout or Die” offers readers an authoritative guide on how to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Healey confidently argues that businesses must identify their unique product or services and develop a strategy to engage their customers in order to be successful in today’s market. He provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to create a unique proposition, including understanding the customer needs, identifying the unique benefits that can be offered and creating a compelling narrative to communicate the brand’s message.

Healey also highlights the need to understand the customer journey and deliver a consistent brand experience throughout, as well as emphasising the importance of data and technology to gain insights into customer behaviour and trends.

Additionally, he advocates for the use of creativity, collaboration and experimentation to remain competitive and stand out from the competition.

Healey’s book is a valuable resource for any business looking to remain competitive and successful, and offers readers a definitive guide to differentiating themselves in the marketplace by leveraging the latest tools and techniques.

I don’t care if it’s written by a machine, it’s probably the best review I’ve ever had. I particularly like the last paragraph and am going to use it wherever I can 😉

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