STANDOUT agencies use more than one channel for new business lead gen

STANDSTILL agencies are reliant

STANDOUT agencies are resilient

Winning new clients is the number one priority for agencies. I see many successful firms regularly winning new business. Everything seems good.

There’s an underlying problem here though. These agencies are often one trick ponies. They’re too reliant on one channel for their new business pipeline. What happens if that channel is suddenly switched off?

– Cold calling – can – work for some agencies (yes it can). But it’s a real skill and what happens if your star cold outreach person leaves to set up their own agency?
– Your agency may get a lot of leads from organic search ranking. But what happens if the algorithms change?
– Maybe you develop a lot of leads through face to face networking and running or attending events? Remember COVID and the lockdowns?
– Some agencies get real traction with email and/or social media outreach. Could SPAM filters, privacy laws and/or changes to social platforms ever derail your lead flow?
– Passive referrals (or word of mouth) are the lifeblood of most agency new business, but what happens if your phone suddenly stops ringing or your email pinging?

STANDOUT agencies might use some or all of these tactics (and more). They may have more success with certain channels over others, but they are never reliant on one.

If your agency is reliant on a single new business channel which works for you, protect it and nurture it….but don’t rely on it. To be a resilient agency you’re going to need a multi-channel approach.

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