STANDOUT agencies generate active referrals

Whilst it’s dangerous to rely totally on them, referrals are a vital part of agency new business lead generation.

At Cactus our research shows that STANDOUT agencies get circa 25% of their leads from referrals. It’s not an exact science of course, but it’s a Goldilocks number to aim for. Fewer than 25% and you’re not making the most of referrals, significantly more than that and you’re probably too reliant on them.

If someone is referred to you, you’re getting much more than a lead. You’re getting a head start. By being referred, you’re already further down the sales cycle than you would be for a lead generated from scratch. The person who referred you has transferred their trust. Some sales barriers have already been broken down.

Here’s the thing though…all referrals are not created equally. You must encourage and activate referrals for your agency by prompting your clients and advocates.

Referral lead generation should not be a totally passive activity on your part. Don’t sit there waiting for the phone to ring…pick it up and start asking people that rate you to refer you.

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