STANDOUT agencies have influence.

The amount of effort that you need to put into converting new business is disproportionate to the influence you have in your market.

Influence is a combination of reputation, past success, longevity, relationships, size and knowledge. The more influence you have, the less you need to work at converting new business.

Imagine you were taking up golf and you wanted the best possible lessons available. You would probably visit a number of golf clubs and talk to their professionals. You would have many questions for them:

– How long have they been a pro?
– What do the lessons look like?
– What equipment do they use?
– What are the facilities like?
– How long do the lessons last?
– How many lessons will I need?
– How much do the lessons cost?

Now imagine that on the way home you bumped into Tiger Woods and he offered to give you some lessons if you donate something to his charity. Your only question would be where and when?


STANDOUT agencies have influence. They don’t have to try so hard. But, like Tiger, they didn’t start out that way. That influence came through hard work, dedication and practice.

STANDSTILL agencies need to work harder and sell harder than STANDOUT agencies. But like golf, the more you practice the better you get.

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