STANDOUT agencies create a system for winning new business

STANDSTILL agencies win new business.

STANDOUT agencies create a system for winning new business.

Finding and converting new client business is the number 1 priority for most agencies.

Here’s the thing though…

STANDSTILL agencies focus on the end result (new client wins). STANDOUT agencies focus on the process (developing a tried and tested system for creating those wins consistently and sustainably).

If you play the agency lottery and winning the odd client here and there then you may be successful, but as the agency owner you’ll never by happy. You’ll be forever riding the rollercoaster of new business highs and lows. You will always be stressed.

STANDOUT agencies know that developing a system that identifies targets, creates leads, and converts clients, is the only way of predictably growing their business. It’s also the only way that they’ll get off the rollercoaster and not spend most of their time worrying where their next client is coming from.

You may win new clients, but are you just playing the lottery?

Think about how can you develop your own system for generating leads that will provide a consistent pipeline of opportunities for you to convert.

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