STANDOUT agency owners don’t expect what they don’t inspect.

Don’t expect what you don’t inspect.

Many years ago in my agency we had an NED who often used this phrase. I’ll be honest, at the time I struggled to grasp what she meant.

Now, as an NED myself, I use it all the time.

As the owner of a company it’s easy to listen to all those people that constantly tell you to stay out of the detail (or “weeds” as they usually say). As an entrepreneur, it’s usually more natural for you to focus on the big picture.

There are times though when you need to look under the bonnet of your agency.

Your people might be doing a great job, but are they doing it to the standard expect?

STANDOUT agency leaders take the time to regularly inspect the work of others. This is not micro-management, it’s quality control.

Don’t expect your agency work to be delivered to a consistently high standard on time, every time…if you don’t inspect whether it is or not.

Don’t expect your clients to refer you to others if you don’t regularly inspect whether they are satisfied with what you are doing for them.

Making sure expectations are clear, standards and timescales are being met, and clients are happy, is vital to the success of any service business. It is particularly important when you are doing something new and/or you have a team working remotely.

Do you expect things that you don’t inspect?

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