STANDOUT agencies use tracer bullets.

“We don’t know what the budget is. Just do us a proposal.”

Agency owners: How many times have you heard this?

In fairness, some clients truly don’t have a budget signed off and are looking for guidance. They should all be able to give you an indication of what level of investment is feasible though.

As an agency owner it’s vital you understand this.

Pricing up a £40k website is a complete waste of time if a client is “only thinking of spending £2k”. A budget also ensures both client and agency are aligned. The size and scope of what is required is clearly understood by both parties.

Whilst it’s a familiar story, as an agency owner what do you do in this situation?

There isn’t an easy solution to this problem. It’s a matter of persistence, determination and negotiation. You may be facing a bit of a battle but you do have some ammunition:

STANDSTILL agencies look for Silver Bullets.

STANDOUT agencies use send out a Tracer bullet…

”So from your brief and my experience, I think we’re going to be looking at a project of a value somewhere in the region of £40k. Before I do the detailed pricing work though, does that sound like the size of investment you’re going to comfortable considering?”

A tracer bullet to establish where the target is. Get a look of horror and you’re not on the same page. Get an excited nod and a smile, double check if you’ve fully understood the scale of the brief!

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