STANDOUT agencies don’t pitch

STANDOUT agencies don’t pitch.

No agency likes the pitch process. Competitive pitches are:

– Hugely expensive for those pitching.
– Often the cause of vast amounts of unpaid overtime for agency staff.
– A distraction from getting real results for real clients.
– Rarely the catalyst for creative work that lands in front of the customer.
– A lottery depending on what time slot you are allocated.
– Often a vehicle to apply pressure on the incumbent rather than a genuine need for change.

So why do we persist with this archaic process?

Just like the National Lottery, the opportunity to win is just too intoxicating. For many, It’s hard to resist buying a ticket (especially when they’ve been “invited to pitch”).

I’m not sure what’s happened to the #StopPitchMadness movement, but I support its ideals for all the reasons above…and one more very important one:

You need to sell agency services and pitching is not a selling process, it’s a buying process.

When it comes to consultancy services, sales is about leadership. Positioning yourself as the expert. Leading the client into new territory. Challenging them creatively, technically and even financially in order to get them better results.

You need to do this from a position of strength, not from the Friday 4pm slot when they’ve already sat through 5 other presentations.

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