STANDOUT agencies adapt their message.

STANDSTILL agencies adapt their message…

I’ve been hearing a lot of agencies talking about a slowdown in new business over the past couple of months. Whether it’s completely new work, or sign off on existing projects, people are telling me that clients are not committing. The economic environment appears to be creating inertia. Some clients are delaying, or reducing, marketing spend and/or diverting their attention into other areas.

I hope not, but if that’s your current experience, you are are not alone. As agencies we can only influence what we can control. Don’t lose faith or stop your new business efforts.

One thing STANDOUT agencies do in these situations is adapt their message. I don’t mean change your whole proposition or business model, but make sure you offer is resonating with the mood of your audience.

In the current climate, focus on how you solve problems for clients. Some may still be looking at the longer term bigger picture, but in tougher times, most clients will naturally focus on the urgent and immediate priorities. This is usually solving problems.

Think about how you can help them. If your usual pitch is how you can grow brand value and partner with them over the long term, consider how you can flex it to impact the here and now. You need to be treating headaches not making them healthier.

In tough times put your agency in painkiller mode rather than vitamin mode.

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