STANDOUT agencies embrace “No”

STANDSTILL agencies avoid rejection.

STANDOUT agencies embrace rejection.

Nobody wins every time. In business, and in life, we all experience setbacks.

What I’ve realised though is that when it comes to pitching/selling to a prospect client. The next best thing to a “Yes” is a firm “No”.

We all crave the former of course. Especially when we’ve spent many hours and thousands of pounds on producing presentations or creative work. We all know how long the process can take, and how radio silence can suddenly descend on us.

STANDSTILL agencies say things like “no news is good news” or “it’s only been 3 weeks”. STANDOUT agencies don’t chase rejection but they do embrace it.

”No” is the second best word in sales. “No” allows you to move on. To get over your disappointment and focus your energy on the next opportunity. Give me a “No” over months of hoping the phone will ring every time.

If you’re waiting for a decision on some new business, I know it’s difficult (especially at the moment). But chase the decision down. Get an answer. I hope it’s positive, but if it’s a rejection, the quicker you can get it, the better it will be for you in the long run.

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