STANDOUT agencies use service ladders

STANDSTILL agencies play snakes and ladders.

STANDOUT agencies offer service ladders.

Running a STANDSTILL agency is like playing the classic board game Snakes & Ladders. You’re plodding along and then you land a big project that takes you up another level. You suddenly have more revenue, but you also need more staff. The new client takes up all your time and focus. Then as suddenly as they appeared, they’re gone. The project comes to an end, the revenue has gone and you are back where you started. Usually with an empty pipeline.

STANDOUT agencies don’t like this feast and famine approach. They don’t chase the big wins, the chase long-term relationships. To do this they use a service ladder.

STANDOUT agencies don’t try and win big projects from new clients. They nurture relationships first. They take their clients on a step by step journey, gradually winning more of their trust and more of their work.

The ladder looks something like this:

1. Entry Offer
2. Small Project
3. Big Project
4. Retainer

What is the Entry Offer?
A low cost project, ideally focused on consultancy, strategy or helping the client establish what they really need. Often in the form of a workshop.

Why use an Entry Offer?
– Its a low cost, lower risk option for clients.
– It shortens the sales cycle.
– It helps the client determine what they want.
– You don’t need to do a big expensive proposal or pitch.

Could you use an Entry Offer in your agency?

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