STANDOUT agencies use data.

Data used to be referred to as the “new oil”. I’m guessing that’s AI now?

Before the machines come and eat your lunch, here’s a STANDOUT strategy that never fails to make a difference:

Use data to run and improve your agency.

It never ceases to amaze me how little time and credence is given to the use of data inside agencies. We often talk about being data-driven with clients, but rarely practice what we preach.

Time utilisation is an obvious one, as is financial data, but are you using what you have available to you to make better decisions?

What about the data you have on the marketing activity you have undertaken? What do the activity and output metrics look like? How many leads are you generating? How many are you converting? What does your qualification data tell you?

Unlike oil, data is an infinite resource, but just like oil it’s totally useless if you don’t use it.

How does data make a difference to your agency operations?

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