STANDOUT agencies LOSE pitches

STANDOUT agencies lose pitches.

If you’re regularly converting more than 75% of your leads, you may have a problem (and it’s not just delivering all the work you’ve won).

STANDOUT agencies don’t convert every new business opportunity they get. And that’s a good thing.

If you win everything you go for, you may well be relying too heavily on referrals and/or you may be too cheap.

I used to know an agency owner that was famous for saying “put me in a new business meeting and I’ll come back with the brief”. At first I was impressed by his confidence, but then I realised that the agency did hardly any marketing. Any new business meetings they secured were either people the founder knew or referrals from others. Not totally a bad thing, but if you’re not testing your proposition on people you don’t know then you are missing out on opportunities (and the chance to develop it).

Similarly, when you’re winning everything you touch, you occasionally have to ask yourself why? Is it because your prices are the cheapest? If you are winning work but not making money then you may just have realised why.

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