STANDOUT agencies never lose out on price

There’s only 2 reasons why a client won’t buy from you based on price (and I’m afraid both of them are your fault, not theirs).

If price is the reason a prospective client doesn’t engage you, it can be for only 2 reasons:

1. Lack of Funds – They physically don’t have the money to pay what you are asking. This is your fault not theirs. “Why is it my fault?” I hear you ask. Well it might be their money, but it’s your responsibility to target and talk to the right type of client (those that need and can afford your services). It’s your responsibility to qualify prospects properly and make sure they have the funds you require to help them achieve their goals. And it’s your responsibility to not let the sale process get to a stage where price is the last and only determining factor.

2. Lack of Trust – “But what happens if a client chooses another agency because they are cheaper?” Again, on you I’m afraid. Competitors can always undercut you on price, but the reality is that you have not done enough to earn the trust of the client and convince the that despite the difference in price, your agency – and your higher priced proposal – is the better option.

STANDOUT agencies might get undercut, but they never lose out on price.

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