STANDOUT agencies focus on quality

It’s usually a combination of factors that fuel business growth. Rarely can it be attributed to one thing.

But if you were to ask me what would be the single factor – above all others – that help STANDOUT agencies to grow, my answer is simple (and I’m afraid rather obvious)….

Growth is the result of a great product.

Just like any other business, if your agency produces great work your customers will be happy. They will tell others. Your reputation – and your business – will grow.

If your “product” is superior to your competitors and is proven to get results, your agency will thrive regardless of what competition you have (or what market conditions prevail).

Why then I ask myself, do I rarely hear agencies talk about product/service quality? Why do they not obsess over it?

STANDSTILL agencies ask “How can I sell more of what we do?”

STANDOUT agencies ask “How can we improve what we sell?”

When was the last time you reviewed the quality of the work your agency produces? Not what your clients think, what results you’re getting, or what your people tell you, but what do you think?

Does the work blow you away? Does it exceed your high standards? Or is it the same quality you’ve been producing for the past few years?

Time to focus on quality.

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