Positioning v Proposition

To be a STANDOUT agency you need to be well positioned in the market and have a strong proposition.

Positioning and proposition are often confused and used interchangeably by some. But whilst they are interdependent, they are not the same thing.

Positioning is where you play in the market (what clients you service and what services you provide). It gives your prospects context about your business. Positioning is your business strategy (and like any good strategy it says as much about what you don’t do as what you do). It can change over time, but it should remain pretty stable if you remain committed to it.

Proposition is what you offer your target customer (what difference you make and value you provide to them). It’s built on your positioning and offers your prospects a proposal or contract (”work with us and we’ll do this for you”). Your proposition is your marketing strategy. It can flex and change more often as you test your messaging and its effectiveness.

Do you have a clear positioning AND a powerful proposition?

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