STANDOUT agency owners focus on the big picture

STANDSTILL agency owners focus on small details.

STANDOUT agency owners focus on the big picture.

People that know me well will tell you that I have an eye for detail. I believe in continuous improvement and driving incremental change. Over time, a series of small tweaks can deliver big results.

I’ve learned that this approach is not for everyone. Some people just can’t apply themselves to detail.

I’ve also learned that you can only focus on the small stuff effectively if you have a big goal to work to. Whether that goal is a strategic vision or a financial outcome (or a combination of both). You need this in order to apply yourself to the smaller stuff.

If you are the type of person who “doesn’t do detail” look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself if that’s really true (or a convenient excuse). If it’s genuinely the way you are, make sure you partner with (or employ somebody) to do the detail for you.

If you’re constantly irritated by the small things in your agency, it’s because you have nothing big to focus on. Find yourself a goal to work to.

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