STANDOUT agencies are never too expensive.

“You’re too expensive”.

How many times have you heard that as an agency owner?

If you’re anything like me, it’s a lot. It’s also a complete fallacy.

You can never be too expensive. It’s impossible.

If somebody tells you you’re too expensive, you don’t have a pricing problem you have a marketing or sales problem.

You are either:

a) Talking to the wrong buyer. Your marketing has led you to somebody that doesn’t have a strong enough need or can’t afford you.


b) Talking the wrong language. Your sales skills are not good enough. You have failed to sufficiently communicate the value you provide and the difference you can make to your buyer.

Often it’s a combination of both.

The next time you’re told you’re too expensive, don’t lower your prices. Ask yourself whether you are talking to the right target audience. Challenge yourself on whether you are communicating what you do in a sufficiently compelling way.

STANDOUT agencies are never too expensive.

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