STANDOUT agencies don’t have a winning mentality.

STANDSTILL agencies have a winning mentality,

STANDOUT agencies don’t.

”Wait…what? Surely it’s the other way around?” I hear you say.

Not so. In the agency world we’ve become accustomed to labelling our success as “winning”…

We win pitches.
We win new clients.
We win tenders/RFPs.
We win briefs.
We win awards.

What’s wrong with that?

It automatically puts clients in a position of power and agencies in a position of weakness. That’s what wrong with it.

Clients have the power. They’re in control. They set agencies competing against each other. They choose the “winners”. They award the prizes. They give you an opportunity to do a trial piece of work.

I can think of no other industry where commercial success is so commonly and overtly labelled as “winning”. In other sectors businesses acquire users, they attract new customers, they do deals, they sign contracts, they form partnerships.

If you are a STANDOUT agency you are the prize, not the client. The client should be celebrating the fact they have the opportunity to work with you, the best, the experts.

Don’t celebrate the wins every so often. Think, look and act like a winner every single day.

STANDOUT agencies don’t have a winning mentality, they have the mentality of winners.

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