STANDOUT agencies are confident agencies

I often get asked what the biggest differentiator between STANDSTILL and STANDOUT agencies is.

It’s a tricky question to answer as many factors come into play. If I had to pick one though it would be this: confidence.

When I ran my agency one of our Non Execs used to say to me and my business partner that we were “confidence players”. Drawing parallels with – some – footballers, he pointed out that when we were low on confidence the agency underperformed. When our confidence was high the business was practically unstoppable.

This analogy applies to most agencies. We’re all confidence players. The more confident an agency appears to be, the more successful it seems to become.

But how do you achieve and maintain a level of confidence?

Confidence in agencies comes from 3 sources:

1. The agency principal – As tough as it might be sometimes, your job as the agency leader is to instil confidence in your people and in your clients.

2. Options – Nothing builds confidence like being oversubscribed. If you are desperate for work, people can see it a mile away. If you are in a position to turn some new client opportunities down, and exit clients who are not right for you now, it gives you immense confidence.

3. Deeply held beliefs – Even if you find it hard to deliver lots of new business leads, you can generate confidence in a very simple way; by having a point of view. Don’t settle for copying and trotting out the same narrative as other agencies. Have your own opinions. Decide who you want to work for. Tell the world why you are better than other agencies.

Confidence is key when it comes to growing an agency. Find it, nurture it, and tell the world.

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