STANDOUT agencies are bought for their MANAGEMENT TEAM

What would you want to see if you were buying your agency?

No.5 – You’d want to see a strong MANAGEMENT TEAM

Different buyers may have different plans for your agency, but all of them will want it to continue to operate. It’s unlikely that you will be exiting completely on Day 1, but the stronger your management team, the more chance you have of doing a deal and the more chance you have of extracting yourself early.

If you were buying a STANDOUT agency you’d want to see:

– A team used to running the business without it’s founder over a period of time
– Senior people that are incentivised – but not too heavily that they themselves will want to exit.
– Robust management information and processes such as meeting cadence.

STANDOUT agency owners don’t think about selling their agency, they think about buying it.

Stand back and ask yourself “would I buy my agency”? If you still have some work to do in this area, at least now you know what you need to do and why it’s important.

Wondering what else a buyer would want to see? Stay tuned…

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