STANDOUT agencies are bought for their INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

What would you want to see if you were buying your agency?

No.6 – You’d want to see INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

Agencies are notoriously asset poor businesses working in the knowledge economy. Buyers will pay a premium if you can offer them some sort of intellectual property that is protectable and marketable.

If you were buying a STANDOUT agency you’d want to see:

– Innovative tech solutions the agency has developed and owns.
– Revenue generation from cutting edge tech – AI/Machine Learning, data/analytics, tech-enabled / automation, next-generation platform integrations e.g. Headless, CX/digital creative.
– Established client facing productised processes/systems that people buy and have a brand of their own.

STANDOUT agency owners don’t think about selling their agency, they think about buying it. Stand back and ask yourself “would I buy my agency”?

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