STANDOUT agencies think like buyers

STANDOUT agency owners don’t think about selling their agency, they think about buying it.

If you want to grow your agency, don’t think like a seller, think like a buyer.

What would you want to see if you were buying your agency?

1. PROFIT – A track record of >20% Net Profit.
2. GROWTH – A track record of >20% YOY growth.
3. SCALE – Bigger is often better
4. CLIENTS – Brand names, size, long-term relationships.
5. MANAGEMENT – A team that can run the business without the founder.
6. IP – Something unique, valuable to clients and own-able.
7. RECURRING REVENUE – Regular monthly client work and income.
8. BRAND – A strong and brand that attracts clients and talent.
9. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – A proven system for winning new business.
10. ESG – An agency that is run sustainably, transparently and inclusively.

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