STANDOUT agency owners let negative feedback REFINE them.

One of the hardest parts of my role as an agency advisor is to judge how far to push my clients.

Finding the balance between positive encouragement and challenging clients on weaknesses/under performance is often difficult. It’s made even harder by the fact that we are all motivated in different ways. Some people react well to negative feedback and use it to spur them on, others find it hard to deal with and instantly demotivating.

Nobody wants to hear negativity all the time, but if we are to grow as leaders, as well as grow our businesses, it’s vital we embrace the bad as well as celebrate the good.

If somebody tells you something less than positive about you or your agency this week, take it for what it is, an opportunity to learn and improve. Don’t dwell on it or take it to heart, use it to improve how you operate.

STANDSTILL agency owners let negative feedback DEFINE them.

STANDOUT agency owners let negative feedback REFINE them.

Are you motivated by constructive criticism or do you find it demoralising?

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