STANDOUT agencies can’t fix client budgets but they can stop themselves losing out on price.

It’s not because they have a fixed budget. It’s not the economy or the market conditions. It’s not because others are cheaper. It’s definitely not because you are “too expensive”.

If a potential client cannot afford you it’s all YOUR fault.

STANDSTILL agencies don’t lose pitches on price they lose pitches

1. They don’t target the right client. They ignore the fact the client is too small for them.

2. They don’t qualify them properly. They don’t determine what budget they have early in the conversation.

3. They don’t convince them. They fail to demonstrate that the value they can add is worth the price the client needs to pay.

STANDOUT agencies know they can’t fix the economy or make the clients FD more generous. They can fix the 3 points above. Can you?

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