STANDOUT agency owners spend money and sell.

“If you can’t sleep, you can’t sell”.

I was in a client board meeting with my colleague Pete Hoole yesterday when he uttered this gem.

Pete frequently comes out with some great one liners. He’s also the only CFO I’ve ever met who likes spending money….in the right places at least.

The detail of the discussion is confidential, but the broader context will be familiar…

The agency owner is facing a tough decision. They need to get a monkey off their back. They have one of those niggling situations where they feel compelled to spend their way out of a problem. It will cost them, but the problem will disappear. The alternative is to not spend the money, but spend time worrying about it and hoping it will go away.

In short, it might be painful financially and psychologically, but sometimes you just need to get these issues out of the way. Then you can concentrate back on your agency and bringing in some sales.

STANDSTILL agency owners save money and can’t sleep.

STANDOUT agency owners spend money and sell.

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