STANDOUT agencies tell stories.

What does our agency ACTUALLY do?

A bizarrely common question.

Of course, all agencies know what you physically do. They all know how they make money. But many find it difficult to capture the value they deliver in a way that is compelling and motivating for new clients.

They end up with lines like “We’re an award-winning digital agency based in Yorkshire” etc.

I spend a lot of my time talking to agencies about refinng theirr positioning and crafting their value proposition. It’s a tough thing to crack though for many reasons.

Last week I tried something different with an agency I’m working with. I asked them to tell me a story.

Disney Pixar have a simple and consistent structure for all the films. they create…as kindly demonstrated by Woody in the image below.

If you’re struggling to create a compelling value proposition, why bot borrow a technique from the master story tellers?

– Once upon a time there was a…type of client you work with.
– Every day …the client struggled with X problem.
– One day…they met Y agency.
– Because of that…why they no longer have their original problem.
– Because of that…this is how their day to day lives are better.
– Until finally…this is the long term impact you had on their business.

STANDSTILL agencies sell services.

STANDOUT agencies tell stories.

Give it a try!

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