STANDOUT agencies don’t use ABS

Have you put the brakes on your agency new business?

Driving new leads remains the number one challenge, and biggest headache, for most agency owners. One of the biggest problems I see is that they have the ABS brakes on.

In other words they’re holding themselves back by doing:

A nything
B ut
S ales

Rebranding, redoing creds decks, relaunching websites, reading books, waiting for case studies, attending courses, talking to new business agencies, turning marketing on and off, looking at what other agencies are doing…

The amount of work you can find to do INSTEAD of getting out there and networking, pitching, publishing, speaking, or calling, really is mind-blowing.

I’m not saying that refining your brand, developing your website etc is not valuable work of course. But it can be a very convenient excuse for just getting out there and making things happen.

STANDOUT agencies don’t use ABS and neither should you.

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